What does Stomp stand for?

STOMP stands for stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both with psychotropic medicines.

Who is involved in Stomp?

Who is involved in STOMP? STOMP was launched in 2016 by: The British Psychological Society. These organisations pledged to work together to stop the over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both. Since then, the number of official STOMP partners has grown to include:

How do I sign up to stomp?

The STOMP professional resources page also links to individual STOMP resources for GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses and others. Social care providers can sign up to the STOMP pledge for social care providers at the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) website.

When did Stomp come out in the US?

Stomp began its run at the Orpheum Theatre in New York City in February 1994 winning an Obie Award and a Drama Desk Award for Most Unique Theatre Experience. By the summer of 1994, the first American cast was in place at the Orpheum, freeing the original cast for a tour of North America and Japan.

What is the origin of Stomp?

Stomp originated in American English as a dialectal variant of stamp and was first recorded in the early 19th century.

What does it mean to stomp the ground?

stomp. 1. To bring down (the foot) forcibly. 2. To bring the foot down onto (an object or surface) forcibly. 3. To tread or trample heavily or violently on: stomping the ground to even it out. 4. To cause to be dislodged by stomping the feet: stomped the mud off her boots.

What is the difference between Stomp and stamp?

These uses of stomp are generally uncontroversial, and it is easy to see how stamp can be substituted for stomp without affecting meaning. There are instances, however, in which the words are not readily interchangeable because stomp has developed connotations not associated with stamp.

What is the Stomp project?

It is a national project involving many different organisations which are helping to stop the over use of these medicines. STOMP is about helping people to stay well and have a good quality of life.

Who is involved in STOMP-STAMP? STOMP-STAMP was launched in December 2018 by NHS England and The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

What is the Stomp pledge and who is involved?

How do I contact the Stomp casting office?

A: For casting information, please click here or email The STOMP casting office will contact you when the next round of auditions will take place.

What is Stomp Your Way?

Stomp is an 8 mile walk, now in it’s 4 th year. This year it’s taking place on Saturday 2 nd October. By choosing to Stomp Your Way you can complete an 8 mile walk in a location of your choice on the same day meaning you can take part from anywhere in the country, or even world!

How can I request a story about Stomp?

A: If you are a local media or press person requesting a story, please contact the performing arts venue press department for information on booking interviews and other press requests for STOMP. CLICK HERE to find out more about international productions of STOMP.

Who can be a stomp supporter?

You can be a STOMP supporter whether you are a person with a learning disability, autism or both, a family carer, voluntary organisation, health or social care professional: Use social media to tell others what you are doing about STOMP.

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