Is Yuko a good warrior?

Yuko is an elf warrior who has an outstanding skill when it comes to fighting with a waterglare. She is one of the best warriors in Centopia. In battles Yuko is brave and smart, but sometimes she can be overly confident. She is an outdoor person that maintains the flora of Centopia with unicorn dust.

Who is Yūko in clamp?

Yūko Ichihara (壱原侑子, Ichihara Yuuko) is a fictional character in the Clamp manga and anime, xxxHolic . Yūko is a tall, slender woman with pale skin and black hair down to the back of her knees.

How does yukõ work?

YUKÕ gives you the flexibility and freedom of a car with no strings attached. Simply register, it only takes a few minutes. Simply go on to the App and choose the car you want and for how long. When you get to your chosen YUKÕ, simply tap your card on the card reader. Get in and drive.

How does Yuko work in Dublin?

With YUKO theres a high-tech car waiting for you which you can find parked on-street in Dublin, whenever you need it. You can book our cars by the hour, day or week, with fuel & insurance included. It is essentially PAYG driving. Simply download the app, book & drive! Check our our map below to find a Yuko near you!

Why buy a Toyota yukõ?

With YUKÕ Toyota is reconfirming its commitment to democratise the full hybrid driving experience - adding to the more than 9.5 million Toyota and Lexus hybrid customers around the world already today. Car sharing customers typically don’t want the hassle of owning a car which comes with additional taxes, fuel and maintenance costs.

Why join yukõ Toyota Car Club?

A Toyota Hybrid shared car ready to go when you are. As a member of YUKÕ Toyota Car Club you’ll have access to a car parked nearby whenever you need it, making city mobility simple and environmentally friendly all at great value for money. And, as we take care of tax and insurance, you can drive worry-free. Who is elligable to join YUKÕ?

Can you smoke in a yukõ?

Smoking or transporting pets within a YUKÕ is not allowed and carries a fine of €200. Please do your best to leave the cars clean, free of litter, and don’t forget to pick up your belongings. There is a €50 penalty if a vehicle is left excessively dirty.

How do I unlock my yukõ vehicle?

Your YUKÕ vehicle can be unlocked using the mobile app or by tapping your smartcard linked to your account onto the blue box on the drivers side of the windscreen. You will see this in the current journey section of your app. You will see a green light appear and the doors will unlock.

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