Ceo vodafone portugal

ceo vodafone portugal

Who is the new CEO of Vodafone Portugal?

Mário Vaz became the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vodafone Portugal on 1 September. Mário Vaz, until now Chief Commercial Officer - Consumer, takes over from António Coimbra who became CEO of Vodafone Spain on the same date.

What was the original name of Vodafone Portugal?

As Telecel. Vodafone Portugal was founded in 1991 as Telecel, Comunicações Pessoais, S.A. (Telecel). In June 1991, Telecel and TMN applied for licences to operate GSM mobile networks in Portugal, and Telecel won the bid for the second GSM network in October that year. The network went live on 18 October 1992. In 1996,...

What services does Vodafone Portugal offer?

Vodafone Portugal - 5G, Telemóveis, Internet, Televisão O seu operador de comunicações: rede 5G, pacotes Tv Net Voz com fibra, loja online com os últimos telemóveis, internet móvel e muito mais. Skip to content

Where is the global headquarters of Vodafone?

Its registered office and global headquarters are in Newbury, Berkshire, England. It predominantly operates services in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. , Vodafone owns and operates networks in 22 countries, with partner networks in 48 further countries.

Who is the new CEO of Vodafone?

Meet the leadership team. Vinod Kumar. Vinod Kumar was appointed CEO, Vodafone Business and member of the Executive Committee on 8 July 2019 with effect from 2 September 2019, reporting to Group CEO Nick Read.

Who is Vodafone Portugal’s marketing director?

Emanuel Sousa, who has worked for Vodafone since 1992, played various roles in Vodafone Portugal’s Marketing area until 1999, when he moved to the Corporate Unit Business as Marketing Director. In 2003, he joined the Consumer Business Unit where he was Marketing Director and more recently Vodafone Shops Director.

What does Vodafone’s Executive Committee do?

Chaired by Nick Read, the executive committee is responsible for the implementation and delivery of Vodafone’s strategy as agreed by the Board, and for all aspects of operational management.

What is new at Vodafone Portugal?

Vodafone Portugal is also the first European operator to reach speeds of 600 Mbit/s on its mobile network, using the new functions offered by the evolution of 4G+ (LTE-Advanced) mobile internet technology. In September 2015, Vodafone Portugal becomes the first TV operator in the world to launch a service for smart watches.

Whats new at Vodafone Portugal?

In September 2015, Vodafone Portugal becomes the first TV operator in the world to launch a service for smart watches. Customers of Vodafones TV service are now able to watch TV channels live on their wrists. Vodafone Portugal starts offering VoLTE and is the first operator in Portugal to offer VoLTE, the most advanced 4G voice technology.

What services does Vodafone offer?

We offer a wide variety of products and services to consumers, businesses, governments and partner organisations in Europe and our Rest of World regions. Vodafone is a leading provider of digital products and services for consumers and businesses across our markets.

When did Vodafone Portugal launch Casa TV?

In September 2009, Vodafone Portugal launches Vodafone Casa TV an IPTV service. In June 2010, Vodafone Portugal launches fibre FTTH offer with television and Internet at speeds up to 300 Mbit/s.

What can I get with Vodafone fibre?

Discover the best offers for your home with television, internet, fixed phone and mobile, at the best price. Subscribe to Vodafone Fibre, with the best TV channels and all the features you want.

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