What is Nerdle?

What Is Nerdle? Nerdle is a daily, social-driven game where youre given six chances to work out the days equation, then hopefully share your successes via social media.

What is Nerdle 164?

UPDATE: Click here for the hints and the answers to the Nerdle 164 equations! Nerdle is a math version of Wordle in which you must guess the equation rather than the word of the day.

How do I play Nerdle?

How Do I Play Nerdle? Much like Wordle, Lewdle, and any number of the other now-popular games like Wordle, you can play Nerdle for free via your desktop or mobile browser. Just whack the word Nerdle into your search engine of choice and click through to the games official site to start playing straight away - its really that simple.

Can you guess the Nerdle equation on 6 July?

While Wordle tasks players with guessing a five-letter word each day in six attempts, Nerdle challenges you to guess a mathematical equation. It’s very tricky, particularly if you’re not numbers-oriented. If you’re struggling with today’s Nerdle answer on 6 July, let us help.

What is Nerdle and how to play?

Based on the concept of Wordle, Nerdle is a numbers game wherein players have to arrange a series of numbers to complete the puzzle. Created by data scientist Richard Mann, he came up with this maths-based alternative while talking about the Wordle craze with his 14-year-old daughter, Daily Express reported.

Is Nerdle the new wordle for number Nerds?

Math aficionados will love Nerdle, a new Wordle-like game that aims to please number nerds As Wordle continues to capture the attention of players all around the world, countless variations on the game have been popping up across the Internet.

What is a result grid in Nerdle?

The result-grid is a reflection of the Wordle color grids that show the feedback you received on each guess and the number of guesses used to solve the challenge. How many Nerdle challenges can you play a day?

What are the rules for the Nerdle math games?

As explained in the on-site rules, you’ll be able to use the numbers 0-9, plus the symbols +, -, *, /, or = within each guess. Naturally, your equation can only include = once and must begin with a number. And as the site itself says, “order matters in Nerdle.

WHAT IS NERDLE? Nerdle was developed by British data scientist Richard Mann, whose 14-year-old daughter wished for a Wordle game equivalent that would cater to math nerds. Just like in Worlde, the goal of Nerdle is to figure out a solution in only six tries.

Are there color-coded hints in the original Nerdle game?

You even get color-coded hints in a familiar fashion. The dissimilitude only emerges in the “composition” of the challenge, because the original Nerdle game involves an 8×6 grid pattern; that is you get six chances to guess an 8-columned hidden equation. Related: Looking for the Original Wordle App and Game? Everything You Need to Know

What types of numbers are not accepted on Nerdle?

For instance, Integers are accepted in Nerdle as they are rational numbers but powers, decimals, etc are not accepted in the game. What do Green, Purple, and Black mean on Nerdle?

What is the reset time in Nerdle?

How do I make Nerdle easier to play?

If you’re finding Nerdle a bit too tricky, you can make it easier by changing the number of tiles from eight to six. To do that, tap the cog icon in the top right-hand corner and slide across the button that says ‘mini Nerdle’. Now, your game board will change to just six tiles so you can guess things like 3*4=12 or 7+6=13.

What is the Nerdle game?

When you first visit the Nerdle game page, it seems incredibly confusing, and that’s because it is! The game is really hard to get your head around. The aim of the game is to guess an eight-character long mathematical equation in six or fewer tries by guessing other equations.

How do I play old Nerdle games in my browser?

You can use the following format to play old Nerdle games directly in your browser whether using a desktop or mobile device. Replace ‘yyyymmdd’ with the desired date in the respective format and visit the link in your browser. The Nerdle game that now loads on the screen will be for the respective chosen day.

How often can you play Nerdle?

Nerdle has been designed in a similar fashion to that of Wordle and you can only play it once every day. Even if you open Nerdle on another web browser, it won’t do you any good as it’s the same challenge that you may have played previously. This challenge is reset only once every 24 hours at 12 AM GMT.

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