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What is the meaning of the word massive?

Definition of massive. 1 : forming or consisting of a large mass:a : bulky massive furnitureb : weighty, heavy massive walls a massive volumec : impressively large or ponderous stars more massive than the sund : having no regular form but not necessarily lacking crystalline structure massive sandstone.

What is another word for a massive object?

Consisting of or making up a large mass; bulky, heavy, and solid: a massive piece of furniture. See Synonyms at heavy. b. Physics Having relatively high mass: a massive particle.

Why work at massive?

At Massive, you get to do what you love the most while bringing your own exceptional performance into our ongoing projects and technologies, like Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, The Star Wars Project, Snowdrop, or Ubisoft Connect. One of our core values at Massive is responsibility.

What makes massive so special?

The virtual-analog concept belies the contemporary, cutting-edge sound it generates. Clearly laid out and easy to use, MASSIVE gives you earth-shuddering sounds from the very first note. MASSIVE gives your tracks a solid foundation with the creamiest, punchiest basses. Razor-sharp leads cut through the mix even with grit and dirt piled high.

What is the origin of the word massive?

massive (adj.) c. 1400, massif, forming or consisting of a large mass, having great size and weight or solidity, from Old French massif bulky, solid, from masse lump (see mass (n.1)). Of immaterial things, substantial, great or imposing in scale, 1580s.

What is a massive person?

massive 1 Extremely large; having great mass:#N#bulky, oversize, oversized. 2 Having a relatively great weight:#N#heavy, heavyweight, hefty, ponderous, weighty. 3 Of extraordinary size and power: More ...

What is the meaning of massive dose?

Large in comparison with the usual amount: a massive dose of a drug. c. Affecting a large area of bodily tissue; widespread and severe: massive gangrene. 3. a. Mineralogy Lacking internal crystalline structure; amorphous.

What is the difference between massive and heavy?

massive - consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter; Earth is the most massive of the terrestrial planets. heavy - of comparatively great physical weight or density; a heavy load; lead is a heavy metal; heavy mahogany furniture.

How does the noun object contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of object are aim, design, end, goal, intention, intent, objective, and purpose. While all these words mean what one intends to accomplish or attain, object may equal end but more often applies to a more individually determined wish or need.

What is it like to work at massive?

What is it like working at Massive? Our studio is a creative and devoted workplace. It’s full of dedicated game developers, game designers, programmers, and character artists (to name a few of our job roles!). What we all have in common is that we enjoy what we do and that we do everything with drive and enthusiasm.

Why do we need to work for a big company?

Why you Need to Work for a Big Company: Top 16 Reasons 1. You will learn a lot: When you begin to work for a big company, you have more scope to learn and grow. This is a fine... 2. You will meet clever people: Another thing that will help you is that you will meet a lot of clever people in the... ...

What are the advantages of working for a massive corporation?

Perhaps the most important and obvious advantage of working for a massive corporation is the stability of your company and your job. Assuming you perform your work adequately, you should not have to worry on a regular basis about whether the company will fold. This is not the case with many startups and small businesses.

Is it harder to work for a large company?

In a way, it’s becoming harder and harder to work from the bottom to the top at large companies. Most companies are only looking to recruit from the top of other firms. Pay isn’t the only reason working for a large company might not be for everyone. Large companies, due to their size, face challenges smaller ones don’t.

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