Funchal restaurants

funchal restaurants

What are the best restaurants in Funchal?

The Best Restaurants in Funchal Mozart Espaço Funchal NoitEscura Himalaya - Indian and Nepalese Service Gavião Novo Real Canoa Konsai Sushi Regional Flavours Loja das Conservas - Funchal Buddha Tandoori Restaurante, Madeira Restaurante Goya Café Funchal Armazém do Sal O Dragoeiro Oliveira Solar da ...

What are the best restaurants in Madeira?

1 Mozart 2 Il Vivaldi - Mediterranean Cuisine 3 Taberna Ruel 4 Tipografia 5 Francos Corner 6 Espaço Funchal 7 Taberna do Capitão 8 Himalaya - Indian and Nepalese Service 9 Restaurante do Forte 10 Buddha Tandoori Restaurante, Madeira More items...

Where is the train station in Funchal?

R. da Alfândega, 135 - Beco do Açucar nº3, 9000-059, Funchal Edifício Tecnoparque Passeio Público Marítimo Sítio da Rua da Quinta Calaça, 9000-108, Funchal

Where can I find the ementa in Funchal?

Rampa do Corpo Santo 2, Zona Velha, Santa Maria Maior (antigo casablanca), 9060-075, Funchal -30% sobre a ementa! Av. Do Infante 28D, 9000-015, Funchal -30% sobre a ementa! R. Conselheiro José Silvestre Ribeiro, 2, 9000-045, Funchal -30% sobre a ementa! R. da Alfândega, 135 - Beco do Açucar nº3, 9000-059, Funchal

Is there a bus station in Funchal?

Funchal is a popular holiday destination for tourists from all around the world. In Funchal we have located 1 bus terminal and 2 bus stops: 1 bus terminal Funchal, Teleférico-Término Bus terminal

What is the name of the train in Madeira?

The Monte Railway ( Portuguese: Caminho de Ferro do Monte) (commonly known as the Monte train or Monte Lift) was a rack railway connecting Pombal, in Funchal, to Terreiro da Luta in Monte (Madeira, Portugal), a distance of 3,911 metres, from 1893 to April 1943.

How to get to Monte from Funchal?

Going by bus to Monte is quite an experience, just as much fun as the funicular, at a fraction of the price ! From the city center there are several bus lines to Monte, and line 48 goes to Monte from the Est. Monumental/ Lido area. This is a great ride along the coast from Funchal on the No 7 Rodeste bus.

When was the Monte Station in Funchal built?

Monte Station The railway was designed in 1886 by engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard. The idea of building the railway came from António Joaquim Marques, who obtained permission from Funchal city council on 17 February 1887. A contract was signed with a concessionaire forming the Companhia do Caminho de Ferro do Monte.

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