What is Motown music?

Motown tracks are considered a blend of eclectic genres, such as rhythm and blues and Jazz. It’s almost a crossover of the two major genres, having been described as ‘R&B music that sounds white.’ Most Motown songs feature a strong rhythm and some catchy hooks, and the music is usually played using string instruments.

Why was Motown so successful?

Motown sought to be and became the “Sound of Young America.” Despite its great number of hits, Motown was actually a small company, but it was run with unmatched efficiency. Gordy prided himself on having learned about producing a quality product from a brief stint on the assembly line at an auto plant.

What was Motown’s first hit song?

Though you might recognize the song from one of its many covers, this tune actually marks a crucial moment in Motown history. Cowritten by Motown founder Berry Gordy, the song would become the record label’s first hit when it climbed the R&B charts and found its way to Number 28 on Billboard ’s Hot 100 in 1960. 12. “My Girl” by Temptations

Who is the little known Motown artist?

A retrospective, two-CD set by much-admired, little-known Motown artist Blinky is due for ... 20 ESSENTIAL ALBUMS Who: The Marvelettes. What: The debut album by Motown Records� ... The celebrations of Motown’s 60th anniversary continue around the world, with a major ev ...

What is the Motown style of music?

Motown (music style) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Motown, or the Motown sound, is a style of rhythm and blues music named after the record company Motown in Detroit, where teams of songwriters and musicians produced material for girl groups, boy bands, and solo singers during the 1960s and early 1970s.

What does Motown Records mean?

Motown Records is an American record label owned by the Universal Music Group. It was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. as Tamla Records on June 7, 1958, [2] [3] and incorporated as Motown Record Corporation on April 14, 1960. [4]

What is the history of Motown?

It was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. as Tamla Records on June 7, 1958, [2] [3] and incorporated as Motown Record Corporation on April 14, 1960. [4] Its name, a portmanteau of motor and town, has become a nickname for Detroit, where the label was originally headquartered.

What was Motowns signature label Sound?

The signature label sound that Berry Gordy created at 2648 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan was a pop-soul hybrid he correctly dubbed The Sound Of Young America. The typical Motown song was a bright, uptempo number done as a 2/4 shuffle or a hard 4/4 beat.

What was Motown’s first ever hit?

The label’s first ever hit, ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’, was written by Motown’s founder Berry Gordy, back when the label was still called Tamla. The Beatles covered it as well as the Flying Lizards, who turned it into a cult late 1970s post-punk influenced banger.

What is the best Motown Song of all time?

The best Motown songs of all time 1. ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ – Marvin Gaye (1968) 2. ‘Dancing In The Street’ – Martha and the Vandellas (1964) 3. ‘Get Ready’ – The Temptations (1966) 4. ‘Tracks of My Tears’ – Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1965) 5. ‘Needle In A Haystack’ – The Velvelettes (1964) 6. ‘Do You Love Me’ – The Contours

What was Michael Jacksons number 1 song at Motown?

Sixteen of their singles made their way to the Top 40 charts during their time at Motown including the No. 1 hits “ABC,” “I’ll Be There” and “The Love You Save.” Piggybacking off of The Jackson 5s popularity, Motown released Michael Jacksons solo career in 1971 with the No. 1 hits Got to Be There and Ben.

Who were Motowns original songwriters?

Gordy hired a number of professional songwriters in Motowns early days, but without a doubt, the most influential were the trio of brothers Brian and Eddie Holland and Lamont Dozier. First working independently, then as a team, the trio wrote hits such as Please, Mr. Postman, Stop!

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